The 5 best delivery boxes in Sydney

Staying home lately has been challenging, especially for foodies who love to go out and try new restaurants! However, one of the greatest parts of social distancing is the increase in quality home delivery options. While some restaurants have pivoted to offer delivery due to limited dine-in capacity, other already established companies have found their time to shine. 

While many of us thought that working from home would give us heaps more time, it’s not really the case. We’re still scrambling for lunch or throwing something together as impatient family members wait for their dinner. Or even if you’re not cooking for a crew, you might not be ready to restart your night-life. Either way, we put together five of the best options for delivery boxes that will come straight to your door. 

A new delivery service from Délisse Australia. All near office areas, you may be familiar with Délisse for their excellent breakfast and lunch options, particularly if you work nearby one of their six shops. Like Délisse’s French cafes, Délidoor offers authentic, fresh and delicious meals and dishes, many from French origins. 

You can order sides or lunch items like quiches and salads, or fully prepared meals like the comforting pork ragu or vegetarian chilli. All items are prepared fresh by chefs on the morning of delivery, so all you need to do is pop it in the oven or microwave to heat and serve.

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These cooking mums have options for everyone! Whether you’re looking for kid-friendly meals, calorie-conscious, some prep, or no prep at all, they have something for everyone. We love that this business cooks as if they were feeding their own families, meaning they use sustainable ingredients, no preservatives, and pick produce from the markets themselves.

These deliveries are perfect if you’re short on time, as you can have everything from bread, to full meals, to desserts sent straight to your door. The items are frozen,  so they’re ready and on-hand for those days when you’re fresh out of groceries.

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This delivery box is a start-up that helps support a local community of cooks. It’s not subscription-based, so you can order whenever you please. Each meal is frozen and delivered straight to your home. Food St works with a variety of accredited cooks. They could be a home chef who just loves to cook, or a professional caterer looking to get their dishes to more people.

What we love about Food St is that they are working with the local community to maintain home-cooked meals while improving the accessibility and convenience of healthy, quality food. Their food is also delicious and so easy to prepare at home!

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This organic delivery service is perfect for when you want to avoid the grocery store, with produce boxes that arrive on your doorstep. These boxes support local farmers by offering locally sourced organic produce in an effort to create transparency around food.

Oooby is a great option for families, couples, or single people since they offer lots of flexibility with their boxes. You can pick from pre-selected boxes, add your own extras, or make it completely customizable. This box is a subscription, but you can cancel at any time.

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The Merivale group is known for its nightlife and atmosphere in Sydney’s hotspots. So when going out was limited, the restaurant powerhouse added takeaway and home delivery to its offerings.

The delivery service has a number of options: grocery boxes filled with items from their suppliers, dinner kits inspired by favourite dishes from their menus, and even pre-mixed cocktails to accompany your meal.

When ordering from Merivale you’ll likely recognize the restaurants and a few of their signature dishes. If you’ve missed the Sichaun Chicken and King Prawns from Mr. Wong or Felix’s Duck Confit – you’re in luck.

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While more people are heading back to work and restaurants are re-opening for dine-in, there are still lots of great reasons to stay home!
Delivery boxes and subscriptions are a great way to have healthy meals ready to go or a date-night meal at the ready, even when you’re short on time. Sydney has a lot of great delivery options, and we’re excited to see this sector of the food industry grow.